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Janette Cook, George Perkins, Derry Jacobs

Janette Cook was the daughter of Rufus Green Cook and Mary Lou Sykes. She was born on 16 September 1937 in Quitman, Mississippi and died on 28 November 2009 in Haleyville, Alabama. She is buried in New Hope Cemetery in Winston County, Alabama.
Derry Darnell Jacobs and Janette Cook
George S. Perkins was born around 1933. He later married Norma Carlene Pugh.

Derry Darnell Jacobs was the son of James Claude Jacobs and Mary Lou Eva Bankston. He was born on 6 July 1948.

They had the following children:

Russell Wayne Perkins was born on 18 September 1957 in Biloxi, Mississippi and died on 24 December 1994 in Haleyville, Alabama from pneumonia. He is buried in New Hope Cemetery in Winston County, Alabama. He married Cathryn (Kathryn) Mercer and had a common law marriage with Lisa Marie Taylor. He fathered three children: Jennifer, Kelli, and Jessi.
Russell Wayne Perkins
Russell Wayne Perkins's grave marker

Mark Anthony Perkins was born on 13 February 1959 and committed suicide on 18 May 1978. He is buried in Manassa Cemetery in Clarke County, Mississippi.
Mark Anthony Perkins
Mark Anthony Perkins's grave marker

Terry Perkins was born ???. He married Angelia.
Terry Perkins, Barbara Cook, Greg Jacobs
John "Johnny" Glenn Perkins was born on 24 April 1968. He married Shelley Yarbrough. He adopted Shelley's daughter Paige.
Aubrie Perkins, Paige Perkins, Shelley Yarbrough, Johnny Perkins
James Gregory "Greg" Jacobs was born on 14 August 1973. He married Martha Whitman and later married Katrina L. on 28 April 2012. He fathered a child: Whitney.

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