Monday, May 12, 2014

Nancy Brashier, Benjamin Holland

Nancy Alice Brashier was the daughter of Christopher Dudley Brashier and Nancy Jane Sikes. She was born on 30 April 1873 in Mississippi and died on 13 February 1955. She married Benjamin Forest Holland on 10 February 1889 in Clarke County, Mississippi.

Benjamin Forest Holland was the son of Martha Elizabeth Rainwater. He was born on 6 April 1865 and died in 1949.

They had the following children:

Verda Jane Holland was born in August 1894. She married Erma Mason. She birthed six children: Ray, Paul, Ina, Rex, Lex, and Maxine.

Warner Edward Holland was born in October 1896.

William Benjamin Holland was born in October 1898. He married Edna Ivy. He fathered two children: Billy and Glynn.

Virgie Elizabeth Holland was born in June 1902. She married John Buford Baker. She birthed four children: Lois, Rose, Tommy, and John.

Charles Zelton Holland was born ???.

Ida Lucille Holland was born ???.

James Coyt Holland was born ???.

Alice Marie Holland was born ???. She married James Donald. She birthed a child: Harold.

Earl Holland was born ???.

Ethel Eloise Holland was born ???. She married Raymond McLeod.

Mildred Tivola Holland was born ???.

Mary Etta Holland was born ???.

Forest Jefferson Holland was born in May 1882. He married Nanny Merrill. He fathered four children: Myrtle, Catherine, Ruth, and Joyce.

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