Thursday, August 7, 2014

Bernice Reeves, Tom Stokley, Don Napp

Bernice Reeves was the daughter of Curtis Wayne Reeves and Bernice Zeola Smith. She was born on 8 May.

Tom Stokley was born ???.

Don Napp was born ???.

They had the following children:

Cristal Stokley was born on 25 May 1964. She married Curtis Lewis. She birthed three children: Tabitha, Curtis, and Stormy.

Belinda Kay Stokley was born on 15 June. She married Timothy Sowers. She birthed two children: Beth and Heather.

Andrew Ulyssess Napp was born on 16 April 1979 in Quitman, Mississippi and died on 17 April 1979 in Quitman, Mississippi. He is buried in Covington Cemetery in Clarke County, Mississippi.
Andrew Ulyssess Napp's grave marker
Lora Napp was born on 28 June 1980. She married Brandon Moore on 21 October 2004.

Sonya Denise Napp was born on 26 May 1986. She married Brandon Lafferty on 29 May 2005. She birthed two children: Makayla and Rannon.

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